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68 N. Sunset Ave. San Jose, CA 95116

About us

Do you own a home that you love, but it needs some TLC?
for over Five decades we’ve been serving Santa Clara County with these needs.
Customized Tile & Vinyl Floors, Showers, Bathrooms, and/or Kitchen Countertops installation

We got you covered!  Want to keep that home beautiful and sparkling and want to know where all the wood destroying pests are without interrupting your schedule? We know all about that too!  Get your Termite inspections, treatments and upgrade needs through us.  Our service stands for itself.
Founded in San Jose, Ca. (in the heart of Silicon Valley) over 50 years ago, we know the SF Bay Area like the back of our hand and continue to keep our customers first because without them we wouldn’t exist.  The secret to our years in business has been our long term relationships (with Realtors & Homeowners), strong quality of service, and the personal attention we provide.  These elements are what have kept us thriving, as a family owned & operated business since 1966.  We are now a Woman Owned & Full Service company that values serving people, property, and peace of mind.  Numerous clients have been very satisfied with our ability to customize repairs and installations through the Carpentry, Floor, Kitchen & Shower installation services we offer.  Will you be next?
When it comes to Fumigation, we know it is not always convenient and this is why we offer localized spot treatments to allow your family to remain comfortably at home without the need to move into a Hotel or your Parent’s house.  If there is no need for your entire home to be fumigated, we will let you know immediately. Transparency, honesty, and helping to save money is our top priority for us. Unlike most we don not work on commission.
This is why none of our Inspectors are compensated based on the type of treatment chosen for your home.
We have a strong quality of work and commitment to outstanding & lasting results and look forward to building strong relationships with you and getting your home, termite free so you can go back to your regular scheduled life.

Looking To Upgrade?

Not only do we specialize in wood destroying organisms, we have a General Contractor’s License to enhance your home.  Our crew of Full-Time Carpenters and Installers (Tile & Vinyl) will help make your home just the way you want it.  From full replacement of Tile Showers and Tile Kitchen Countertops/Backsplashes to Vinyl flooring, Stucco repair and Wood repairs/replacements, we will get your home in tip top shape.

Why choose us?
  • Beautifying & taking care of homes in Silicon Valley for over 50+ years!
  • Experts in Termite damage and repair, carpentry, flooring, kitchen countertops and shower installations.
  • Beautify home & repair unwanted damage
  • General Contractors License for full tile or bathroom replacements
  • 4 year Warranty for Termite Fumigations (Drywood Termites)
  • FREE Competitive Bids for fumigation
  • All Inspectors are background checked using Live Scan
  • Spot treatments available vs Tenting
  • 45 minutes – 2 hour average inspection time (based on sqft. of home, etc.)
What Our Clients Are Saying
Stephanie L.
San Jose, CA

I have been in Real Estate for 12+ years and will ONLY choose Able Exterminators for my termite reports and home remodels. A lot of homeowners do not know that Able Termite also do remodels of kitchens and bathrooms. AMAZING WORK!!! Able Exterminators are my #1 vendor and always will be. The office staff is amazing to work with! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ABLE TERMITE IN SAN JOSE!!!! Thank you Able Exterminators for making my business successful!!!

Tonya V.
San Jose, CA

Following a mishap in our bathroom that flooded our hallway and half our living room, the hardwood floors under our carpet started warping and created humps under our carpet.
On a recommendation from a friend, we contacted Able Exterminators and had their crews pull our carpet up and remove the padding and replace the damaged wood, installed new padding and relay the carpet.
The floor is as good as new which I never would have thought was possible after the amount of water that got into these areas.
Would highly recommend for evaluations and repairs to anyone. They were quick friendly and did quality work.

Jonathan B.
Sunnyvale, CA

Our recent experience with Able Exterminators was very positive. We appreciate the expert way all was handled. We highly recommend this long standing San Jose Company.

Vigen S.
Santa Clara, CA

We had a great experience. Able works with Best Care for fumigation. Able was able to accommodate scheduling a fumigation on short notice and Best Care completed the job within 2 days. I also noticed a number negative reviews about payment. Our experience with Able was they are responsive and efficient. We made payment using a credit card and received a receipt confirming payment. Overall, I would recommend using Able/Best Care for fumigation needs.

Mauricio Macri
Palo Alto. CA

The crew that was sent out to work with us (Manuel, Miguel, and Paul) were all punctual and considerate. Manuel in particular was very helpful throughout the design process and had lots of great ideas to make our tile pop. Miguel kindly suggested an upgrade to our shower door, and I’m so glad we took his advice! The entire crew was great with our two small, inquisitive children, a they kept the demolition and remodel mess as consolidated as possible.

I love my new bathrooms – we get tons of compliments – and the price was very reasonable! We even had Manuel and Paul tile our fireplace to help tie everything together. I will definitely call them back for our next project!